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Seller F.A.Q.s

For Seller's
FREE Home Valuation
Seller Tips
Seller F.A.Q.'s
What are Short Sales for Seller's?
FREE Seller Reports
If you are considering selling your home, this is the resource section for you. Need to sell your home, we'll get it done for you! CLICK HERE to request the Diane E. Kelly Team to prepare a FREE, no obligation Comparative Market Analysis report of your home's resale value.

Is this a good time to sell?
If you are considering the possibility of selling your home, just remember it ONLY TAKES ONE BUYER. There are buyers continuously entering our market who MUST purchase a home because they are relocating to North Atlanta. There are buyers in our market that need more house and have to up-size just as there are buyers who need to down-size since their children have grown up and moved out, etc. Whatever the reason, there are ALWAYS buyers in the North Atlanta market purchasing homes. When you are ready, we can help make sure your home is one of the homes being purchased.

Generally, when the real estate market has an over abundance of homes that are of similar type / style in a specific area (and demand is low) this often results in lower prices than in contrast when demand is high and supply is low which cause prices to increase.

Many sellers make the decision to list their homes at the beginning of Spring, when home inventory reaches its highest levels. Listing your home for sale NOW BEFORE April 1st can provide your home with less competition (competing with other houses that are for sale) and can increase the probability of attracting a buyer since inventory will be less.

What are Sellers experiencing in North Atlanta?
The national news media reports continuously reports how dreadful real estae is nationwide. Having said that, they do a very poor job of emphasizing the extremely poor conditions they are reporting on is NOT reflective of all markets such as North Atlanta. Prior to the our current recession, home values in North Atlanta were steadily and consistently increasing 3 - 4% per year (on average). In other markets during that period such as the west coast, Arizona, and many coastal areas of Florida they were experiencing "rapid" value increases of 10, 20, 30% or more annually. It is often these types of markets that the media focuses on.

Yes, the North Atlanta has experienced a drop in property values but NOT anywhere near the scale of reductions experienced on the above mentioned regions / markets. For details of local market conditions and the possibilities available to sell your home just call Diane Kelly at 678-907-9155 for details.

What is my home's REAL value?
Your home's "resale" value will be dependent on your home's size, features, condition, age, location, style, type of construction, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, slab or basement, finished or unfinished, landscaping, uniqueness in the neighborhood you reside in, etc. There are many, many factors that go into determining your home's resale value, especially RECENT sales that have been completed in your area for a similar type home. CLICK HERE to request the Diane E. Kelly Team to prepare you a FREE Comparative Market Analysis report of your home's resale value. There is absolutely no is a FREE service provided by the Diane E. Kelly Realtor Team with Keller Williams of North Atlanta.

What do I need to do to get my home ready for sale?
The best homes sell fast! As a seller, you only get one chance to make a good first (and sometimes only) impression with a buyer...and the first 4 weeks your house is on the market are the most crucial. I can assure you from years of experience, especially in this challenging market, the homes that are priced correctly and maintained best sell first. There are numerous things you can do to get your home ready for sale. We actually provide our Seller clients, FREE OF CHARGE, PROFESSIONAL staging services to ensure your home is presented in the best light possible for perspective buyers. We have had tremendous success with this program satisfying our sellers needs and selling their homes. Not all stagers are created equal...and we believe we have the best. If you are interested in more information regarding our FREE Professional Staging service please call Diane E. Kelly at 678-907-9155, you will not be disappointed with our results.

How much time will be required to sell my home?
The short answer is "it depends". There are many factors that will influence the speed by which you are able to sell your home such as the location, price, type of home, condition of your home, the number of homes in your area within the same price range competing with each other for buyers, etc. If your home is priced correctly from the BEGINNING, properly and aggressively marketed and there are no issues limiting buyer interest a quick sale is certainly possible. As noted previously, it ONLY TAKES ONE BUYER!

Can I sell my home by myself?
Yes, you could try --- some have tried to sell their own home via programs such as FSBO "For Sale By Owner". Selling your own home requires a considerable amount of work, planning, preparation and availability to sell your home by yourself. There are many logistics to selling your own home beyond just placing a "For Sale" sign in the yard as many FSBO's quickly realize. Major issues such as: a) Marketing -- the cost and financial resources to develop a marketing plan and drive foot traffic of potential buyers to your home; b) Showings -- you must be available at the BUYERS convenience --- if the owner(s) work that is a problem; c) Strangers - having a stranger knock on your door to see your home is a potential concern; d) Negotiations - there are many benefits to have a realtor manage the negotiations between the potential buyer and owner; e) No Sale - many FSBO properties "For Sale By Owners" do not sell and ultimately end up being listed by a professional realtor. There is considerable time, money (paying mortgage, taxes, utilities, etc.) and opportunity lost when a home fails to sell and has to be re-listed, re-marketed and re-introduced to the marketplace.

For Seller's
FREE Home Valuation
Seller Tips
Seller F.A.Q.'s
What are Short Sales for Seller's?
FREE Seller Reports

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