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Seller Tips

For Seller's
FREE Home Valuation
Seller Tips
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What are Short Sales for Seller's?
FREE Seller Reports
It is a very competitive real estate market in North Atlanta. If you are considering selling your home these Seller Tips are for you! They will save you both time and money.

Price to Sell

The first 4 weeks are the most critical period for your home when it is placed on the market for sale. Settling on an asking price SHOULD NOT be taken lightly. It is the single most important thing you can do. A price too low can result in selling your home for less than you should have. A price too high dooms the property to be rejected by the market wasting valuable time, money (and qualified buyer's). There are a lot of factors that go into correctly pricing a home. Call Diane Kelly at (678) 907-9155 for a FREE, no obligation analysis.

Know Your Competition

You are not just competing with other people's homes...your home will also be competing with new construction / brand new homes. Walk in the Buyer's shoes. Have a thorough understanding of what homes are for sale in your area (similar to yours), what their selling features are, what condition they are in, their pricing, etc. In short, think like a Buyer who is looking for the BEST home at the BEST value!

Curb Appeal

You only get ONE chance to make a good first impression! Nothing could be truer when talking about curb appeal. Some buyers will drive by your home for a look before making an appointment. Some buyers will drive on by and keep going, they won't give your house a second look if it does not have curb appeal from the street. A well maintained, smartly landscaped home has a huge impact and sets the mood of the Buyer that can earn you top dollar.

Fix it!

The step that squeaks, the light switch that doesn't work, the hairline crack in the bathroom mirror---they might be minor annoyances to you, but they can be deal-killers. You never know what will turn off a buyer, you would be amazed! Buyer's DO NOT want projects, they DO NOT want allowances provided by the Seller. Buyer's DO NOT want to remove wallpaper, paint, replace worn carpeting or flooring, upgrade kitchen counters or appliances, fix landscaping for their new home. Buyer's want homes that are in move-in condition --- Buyer's DO NOT want large or small projects.

Fresh Paint

A new coat of paint on interior walls, trim as well as the exterior will reflect a clean, fresh look and smell that can result in better, higher priced offers. Be sure to use neutral colors --- nothing trendy! For additional Seller tips like these click here to receive FREE Seller Reports!

Clean, Clean, Clean

FACT: Clean homes result in better offers. Pick up, straighten, DE-CLUTTER, DE-CLUTTER, DE-CLUTTER, scrub, get the idea. If your living room or other room(s) feel "crowded" REMOVE furniture...LESS is more! Shampoo the carpets. If there are stains in the carpet that still show or flooring is worn replace them. Clean windows inside and out. Clean ALL rooms top to bottom and don't forget closets, basement, laundry room, etc.

Odors Kill Deals

Odd smells kill deals QUICKLY. All traces of food, pet and smoking odors MUST be eliminated. Do NOT forget the basement, there is nothing worse than a basement that is musty, stuffy or has mildew issues.

Don't Forget the Garage

The garage is one of the largest architectural structures of your home. If the garage door needs repairs have it done or consider replacing the garage door(s) altogether if needed. If replacing your garage door(s), consider a "carriage door" or similar style that not only dresses up the garage but also the exterior look of your home. Be sure to comply with neighborhood HOA guidelines. Inside the garage have garden / landscaping tools neatly hung on the wall or placed on shelving where possible to optimize floor space (especially if you do not have a basement for storage).

Remove Traces of You From Your Home

Make your home as neutral as possible. A select FEW carefully chosen knickkacks and family portraits may add warmth and character to the home, too many pictures such as a wall of family pictures are a distraction for Buyer's. Simple things like clearing off the refrigerator of pictures, notes, calendars are important. Buyer's need to picture themselves living in your home and removing traces of you in your help.

Little Touches Make a Difference

While personal items are distractions, other small touches can help your house feel like a home. A well-place vase of flowers, accent pieces of sculpture, potpourri in the bathroom---all can enhance the attractiveness of your home in a subtle, soft-spoken way. The Diane Kelly Team offers our Seller client's FREE professional staging. Our clients have been very pleased with the results, you will too! Call the Diane Kelly Team today at (678) 907-9155.
For Seller's
FREE Home Valuation
Seller Tips
Seller F.A.Q.s
What are Short Sales for Seller's?
FREE Seller Reports

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